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How the new service will help...

Rendall & Rittner’s new online service is going to revolutionise the way we communicate about your building:

  • Get regular news and updates about the building.
  • When things go wrong in your building, send us online requests to get the problem sorted.
  • Keep track of requests and see how we are progressing. You can also see if issues have been reported by other residents.
  • Vote and collaborate about group decisions online, helping us to get your feedback and get things done as quickly as we can.
  • In emergencies, you can reach your neighbours direct via email and text message, at the same time keeping all contact details private.
  • Have all documents in one secure place. If you need building documents such as insurance details, they will all be stored online and are easily searchable.
  • Receive newsletters by email to see all the latest activities going on and how they affect you. Urgent items can be sent direct to your mobile phone by text.